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Winner Computable Award 2014

IT4Kids Most Socially Responsible IT Company of the Year 2014



How will IT4Kids proceed?


IT4Kids – Public Benefit Organization (ANBI)

On the 8th of July 2015 IT4Kids officially obtained its ‘Public Benefit Institution’ status. This means that IT4Kids is recognized by the government as an official charity, which makes it possible for donators to retroactivity deduct gifts and donations to IT4Kids from its income of taxes.

What is an ANBI status? The government encourages gifts and donations to recognized charities and wants to foster this by providing the opportunity to deduct gifts and donations from the income of tax. Therefore, recognized charities receive the status of public benefit organization (ANBI).

There are three conditions attached to the deductibility:

  1. The amount of gifts / donations must be at least 1% of net income (and the net income of a possible tax partner).
  2. The amount to be deducted must be at least € 60.00 euro.
  3. The maximum deduction is also 10% of the total income.

IT4Kids Foundation Board
The board represents the interests of IT4Kids and is managing the foundation. The current board consists of the following members

Chairwoman  | Mirjam Roos

Vice Chairwoman | Lara Kool

Secretary  | Martijn van Rijn

treasurer | Mado van den Brand

Communication | Tom van Leuven

Policies, annual reports & statutes IT4Kids
All related information about our objectives and activities can be found in our policy report. Also the financial accounts can be found through the links below.

Policy IT4Kids

 Annual financial statements 2013-2014 IT4Kids

Information IT4Kids
An overview of important information related to our ANBI registration has been given below.

IT4Kids Foundation
Visiting address:
Dorus Rijkersweg 15
2315 WC Leiden

Mailing adress:
Postbus 527
2300 AM Leiden

Phone|  +31 (0)71-8001532
Fax |            +31 (0)71-8001406
Email |
RSIN|          851564860
KvK |           55099246