IT4Kids Foundation

Donate the proceeds to replace your hardware to a chosen charity.


Winner Computable Award 2014

IT4Kids Most Socially Responsible IT Company of the Year 2014



How will IT4Kids proceed?


Background IT4Kids

The IT4Kids Foundation is an initiative of Infotheek, an internationally operating full service IT supplier. IT4Kids was established with the aim to use its activities for purposes that go beyond commercial gain. Moreover, the need for community evolvement is not limited to Infotheek but also exceeds to its customers and other organizations in this area.

Former Infotheek CEO: Jordy Kool has been thinking about setting up a foundation like IT4Kids for quite a while. There are several reasons underlying its establishment. Jordy explains: ‘I have a warm heart for charities committed to children and sport and I personally support these charities already. However, I wanted to address this on a larger scale. We noticed  that Infotheek customers are willing to support charities but budgets allow for this, less and less. With IT4Kids, companies can donate the residual value of depreciated hardware to charity’’.

Small and medium businesses are often particularly concerned with community issues and willing to support common objectives where they can. Nevertheless, it often remains difficult to release budget for these causes for many different reasons. IT4Kids offers the opportunity for companies to contribute to our goal without having to compromise on existing budgets. Through IT4Kids, every organization, big or small, is able to donate via its old, depreciated hardware. The residual value of the hardware will be paid to the charity chosen by the contributor.

The fact that several companies and organizations are sympathetic in donating its hardware became clearer during Serious Request 2011.

Kool continues: “With IT4Kids, we can support charities. With the first test run we raised over  € 11,000. We donated the money to the Disabled Sports Fund, 538forWarchild, PC4Kids and Arctic Venture. Together with our customers but also throughout Infotheek, we’d like to organize more of these fundraising projects’’.

Halfway into the month of April 2013, IT4Kids was officially launched. In the meantime, a team of 10 ambassadors emerged, completely existing of volunteers, to make a huge success of the foundation and of course, to help as many children as possible.

IT4Kids states only one condition to donations made through the foundation: the project or charity must be related to children. IT4Kids is fully dedicated to this target group. For a large group of children, a carefree childhood is not always the standard. Together with the donator, we want to change this, so every child is able to fully develop himself/herself. This may apply in multiple areas such as sports, education, health and safety and/or all vital topics for the development of a child. For instance, the chosen charity can be active in medical research, local sports events, education and support in developing countries in war zones.

IT4Kids is exclusively cooperating with charities to guarantee the donated amount reaches the children chosen by the donator. We consider it particularly important that the donation is spent in an ethical manner. Therefore, we have made agreements on this with the philanthropic organizations we work with.

IT4Kids has been operating since 2013 and together with donating organizations IT4Kids was able to support many charities and children. Partly because of this, we were able to collaborate with multiple reputable partners such as Youth Sports Fund, Disabled Sports Fund and War Child. Therefore, our activities did not remain unnoticed. For instance in 2014, we received the Computable Award for the most socially responsible IT Company.