Donation process IT4Kids

With your depreciated hardware and the IT4Kids Foundation a difference can be made. IT4Kids makes it possible for companies to donate part of or the total repurchase value of old IT hardware to charity. IT4Kids exclusively collaborates with charities related to kids and / or sports.

1. Donation Scan

Based on your requirements we make a free, non obligatory donation scan of hardware. We ask you to set a specification of the hardware you would like to donate, in order to determine the value of your donation.

2. Pick your charity

You can choose a charity that is already closely working together with IT4Kids, such as Disabled Sports Fund, Youth Sport funds, or War Child. Nevertheless, it is also possible to support a different charity, preferably an organization dedicated to children and / or sports. Also, you can decide for yourself whether you donate the total value or a part of it.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility

IT4Kids can be seen as a special way to contribute to society via old, depreciated hardware, by making it valuable again. Moreover, this is an environmentally friendly solution that depressurizes both the environment and our surroundings. All hardware will be refurbished and prepared for a second life. Hardware that is no longer usable will be processed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

These initiatives reinforce the mission of Infotheek group: extend lifecycles of IT through standardization.

4. Certified Safety

We make sure that your hardware will be removed without you having to worry about it. Our Blancco certificates ensure that your data will be permanently destroyed and your information is no longer retrievable. Other referrals to your organization such as stickers, tags and labels are removed as well.

5. IT4Kids Certificate of donation

After reception and a small inventory of the old hardware, you will obtain a certificate of the donation to IT4Kids. Additionally, you can choose to be named on our website or other multimedia channels.