Where does your money go?

collaborates with several charities in the Netherlands, such as:

  • Schooljudo (New!)
  • The Sports fund
  • Disabled Sports Fund
  • War Child
  • Leergeld Foundation
  • Foundation van het Kind
  • Clini Clowns
  • VTV Leiden
  • Sportclub Only Friends
  • Duchenne Foundation
  • Ruud van Nistelrooy Academy
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Where does your money go?

The IT4Kids Foundation principally supports charities committed to children and / or sports. We leave it up to the donator; whether they choose an organization by themselves or let IT4Kids pick a charity for them. Fairly, the donator decides on the donation amount, which could be the full residual value or only a part of it.

New collaboration with Schooljudo.nl!

As of January 1st 2015, Infotheek and IT4Kids have partnered with Schooljudo.

The Schooljudo Program provides primary school children 6 to 12 weeks of happiness with quality PE lessons and after-school lessons. Simultaneously, the carefully assembled program contributes to both the socio-emotional and physical development. Fall pedagogue Yos Lotens, Judo world champignon Ruben Haukes and diverse child therapists contributed to the program.

The lessons take place during and after the (primary) school hours, with real judo suits, judo mats and a qualified teacher. The ready-to-use program is managed centrally and organized in collaboration with schools, associations, and local municipalities. Norms and values such as respect, teamwork, discipline, control, assertiveness, confidence and fun are fundamentals within the Schooljudo Program. The support of these values matches perfectly with the desire of IT4Kids and Infotheek: get more children into sports.

Due to donations made via replaced hardware, the Schooljudo Program can be implemented in several primary schools in the Netherlands and abroad. With your hardware and IT4Kids, we can make the Schooljudo possible. Who knows, it could even be in your town or neighborhood!