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Donate the proceeds to replace your hardware to a chosen charity.


Winner Computable Award 2014

IT4Kids Most Socially Responsible IT Company of the Year 2014



How will IT4Kids proceed?


Who benefits from the work of IT4Kids?

Foundation IT4Kids is primarily committed to children. In 2015, an estimated 26.9 % of children in the EU-28 were AROPE which stands for At Risk Of Poverty or social Exclusion. This coupled with physical restrictions and differences there are millions of children who cannot exercise as much as many of their peers.

Although the EU is full of prosperous countries, there are many children who, (due to socio-economic conditions) miss out on activities such as sports and games. IT4Kids is there to make a difference for these children.

We believe that sports have a significant impact on the physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development of children. Respect for each other, cooperation, discipline, control, resilience, friendship, trust, development and fun are all fundamental concepts in sporting activities.

All donations received are spent on organizations or projects, that contribute to the development of children – mostly through sports.


Planning to replace your IT hardware? Donate it through IT4Kids.

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