Why donate to IT4Kids?

Creating Opportunities

Together we can ensure all children have the same opportunities as we had. We can provide them with the opportunity to grow and develop as a jump start to their future.


Corporate Social Responsibility – a commonly used sentence within IT4Kids: “Give something back to the society we live in”.

Contribution to the environment

Via your replaced (and most of the time depreciated) hardware, you are able to reduce heavy pressure on the environment and society because of the reduction of residual materials. By handing in your IT hardware, the equipment can be refurbished and offered a second life. Usable parts can be reused in other machines. Your hardware will be removed permanently, with all data wiped and carefully checked, all by means of certified software and data-wiping experts. The safety of your data is therefore guaranteed.


Your donation will be promoted on social media! If you choose to donate your hardware to IT4Kids, you can encourage other companies or institutions by your action. A nice bonus on top of your donation!